UGA Outbound Exchange Programs

The status of Fall 2021 outbound UGA Exchange Program participation is currently undergoing a review given the COVID-19 pandemic and potential impact on international travel. Additional information regarding the program status, current immigration restrictions for students, as well as calendar changes and/or teaching format has been sought from our UGA Exchange Partner Institutions and will be taken into consideration as UGA further evaluates the feasibility of each individual program location. Should a program be canceled, OGE will work with impacted students and host universities institutions to defer participation to Spring 2022 where feasible.

Incoming International Exchange Programs

Incoming exchange students are still being welcomed to attend University of Georgia as long as their program has not been cancelled by their home university. Travel to the U.S. will be dependent on immigration services – for more information, click here for updated FAQ regarding immigration status and services at UGA.

Non-UGA Programs

Please note that Non-UGA programs are external to UGA, and therefore are not affected by UGA program cancellations. If your program provider is still continuing operations (in-person or virtually), you may continue your participation with your Non-UGA program. We ask that you carefully consider your decision and consult with your program provider and the advice of the State Department and CDC, especially if you have certain respiratory or immune deficiencies.

Any questions in regards to your program continuation, contingency plans for academics, or program refunds should be directed to your program provider.

Please keep your Global Education Advisor up to date with any changes in your program plans or if you decide to withdraw and update your program itinerary in the StudyAway Portal with any travel changes.