International Student Orientation will be available to all incoming international students on July 1st at 10am EST. The online International Student Orientation program is free to all incoming international students and covers a wide-range of topics focused on making your transition to UGA and the U.S. a successful one!

Undergraduate Degree-Seeking International Students (F-1 Visa)

Undergraduate students, including transfer students, should register for New Student Orientation through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at Note that completing orientation is a requirement for all incoming undergraduate and transfer students. By completing this process, you will then be provided further information about virtual academic advising during summer 2020. For more information, please visit Orientation’s webpage at  All international undergraduate students will additionally be enrolled in the International Student Orientation portal, accessible through on July 1. 

Exchange Students (J-1 Visa)

All exchange students, both undergraduate and graduate, will be automatically enrolled into the International Student Orientation portal online, available at on July 1. 

Graduate Degree-Seeking International Students (F-1 Visa)

Once you make the decision to attend the University of Georgia, all graduate students should complete this form to enroll into the online International Student Orientation portal. Once you enroll, you will have access to the orientation via on July 1. 

Incoming Undergraduate International Student Academic Advising

The Immigration Services team is adjusting the effective date of Verification of Lawful Presence (VLP) holds on student records to August 19. This should be completed by Friday, June 26. Once these adjustments are made, international undergraduate students may begin registering for courses and making adjustments to their class registrations up until the final effective date of August 19. All international students must complete the online check in process with Immigration Services prior to August 19, 2020.  Immigration Services and International Student Life will remind students periodically over the summer to complete the online immigration check-in process when they physically arrive in the US. If a student successfully checks-in with Immigration Services before August 19, they will be able to immediately proceed with registering for classes and can make changes to courses as usual beyond August 19. Students who fail to check-in with Immigration Services before August 19 will be reported to the Registrar’s office, and will not be allowed to attend classes until the immigration check in process is completed and the VLP hold lifted.  If this is not completed by the end of the add drop period, these students will be dropped from their fall semester courses, and will jeopardize their legal status in the US.

Advising 101 Resource for New Undergraduate International Students

ISL has implemented an Advising 101 session in the International Student Orientation program for the past couple of years based on direct feedback from academic advisors. This resource hopefully better prepares international students for academic advising appointmentsDue to the shift to online orientation, we are pleased to offer this resource through a recorded video presentation which can be accessed via the YouTube link below OR through an embedded Kaltura video on our ISL website (also linked below). Both options are provided as we know some students in China may not be able to access YouTube.