In no event should faculty disclose the identity of a student who has tested positive or developed symptoms. However, public health officials strongly encourage individuals who test positive to take it upon themselves to notify other persons with whom they have had close contact. In many cases, this is the most effective way to notify those who have been exposed. As timing of notifications may differ based on the testing agency, it is possible that a student may receive notification during a class and disclose this information publicly to faculty and/or students.

If a student receives notification of a positive COVID-19 test result during a class period (e.g. via email or a text message), the student should leave the classroom and record the positive test in DawgCheck. If the instructor believes that the test result notification to the student has created a significant distraction, the instructor may decide to dismiss the class for the remainder of the class period. The Preventative Measures Advisory Board has reviewed this matter and indicates that there is, however, no need to cancel classes in the classroom for the remainder of the day.

The COVID-19 Student Educational and Response Team (CO-SERT) is a temporary collaborative team at UGA, charged and led by Student Affairs, to provide a central point of contact, review and response or referral on identified questions and concerns involving students and COVID-19 health and safety guidelines. Questions and concerns from faculty, staff and community members related to students and COVID-19 health and safety guidelines may be submitted to

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