If you receive verbal notice (i.e. a notification that does not come to you through DawgCheck) that an employee or student employee has received a positive COVID-19 test,

  1. Direct the employee or student to report their positive test result in DawgCheck;
  2. Tell the affected employee/student to isolate;
  3. In rare cases, a report may need to be filed on behalf of an individual. If a case needs to be reported on behalf of an employee, please contact Human Resources at 706-542-2621. If a case needs to be reported on behalf of a student, please contact Student Care and Outreach at sco@uga.edu or 706-542-7774.

You will receive an email notification from DawgCheck if an employee in your area has reported symptoms or an exposure.

If the employee is instructed to isolate or quarantine, the employee should contact you to discuss leave options or telework, if available, for the isolation or quarantine period. 

You will also receive an email notification if an employee in your area has reported a positive COVID-19 test. Employees who test positive should not report to work and must remain in isolation until 5 days from the date symptoms first appeared or, if asymptomatic, the date of the positive test and they have not had fever for more than 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication. If symptoms are not improving or fever has not resolved, they should continue isolating until these criteria are met. After ending isolation, the employee should continue to wear a mask around others for 5 days. The employee should contact you to discuss leave options or telework, if available, for the isolation period.

A COVID-19 calculator is available to help determine how long the employee will need to quarantine or isolate and when they can return to normal activities.

Supervisors must not disclose the identity, circumstances, and/or condition of an employee or student who has tested positive to close contacts or other individuals, except as specified to authorized UGA personnel.   

Please do not share the information from any DawgCheck email with staff or co-workers in your office or work unit. Supervisors should contact their department head, dean or vice president as appropriate to inform them of the notification of a positive COVID-19 test for one of your direct reports and to receive further instructions from them regarding the positive test notification.

Employees do not need any medical documentation to confirm that they should either isolate or quarantine and not report to work. In some cases, employees may receive medical documentation and clearance to report before the isolation period or the quarantine period concludes. Employees may be allowed to return to work if they receive medical clearance to report to work.

You may contact Human Resources at (706) 542-2621 if you have questions regarding leave options or telework for employees who have been instructed by DawgCheck isolate or quarantine.

If one of your employees notifies you that they incorrectly checked a question in DawgCheck and DawgCheck gave directions for the employee to stay home, you may allow the employee to report to work if the question was incorrectly checked by the employee.