There is not sufficient time between classes for FMD staff to disinfect every classroom effectively between classes. However, all classrooms will be thoroughly disinfected daily.  

In addition, disposable disinfectant wipes are being placed at central locations in campus buildings so that commonly used hard surfaces and objects (e.g., desktops, classroom chairs, study tables, doorknobs, etc.) can be wiped down before use. These wipe stations offer an opportunity for immediate cleaning/disinfection between custodial routine cleaning of campus spaces, including classrooms, as a student or faculty member can obtain a wipe as they enter and wipe down their immediate touch surfaces.

The stations will typically be positioned outside the classrooms so that they can be readily available to students and faculty. In addition, they will be routinely checked and refilled to maintain availability.

The active ingredient in these wipes, which is approved by the CDC and EPA, provides campus stakeholders a mild form of chemical disinfection that is comparable to Clorox and Lysol household disinfecting wipes (but without chlorine bleach) and is effective against a broad spectrum of viruses and bacteria. More information about these stations and the disinfectant is available on the FMD website.

To notify FMD staff about special cleaning requests related to COVID-19 exposures (or suspected exposures), please submit a sanitization work request.

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