The Office of Research maintains a running list of academic publications by UGA researchers related to coronavirus. This list is available on the Office of Research site.

The Office of Research compiles funding opportunities for researchers who wish to study COVID-19. A catalog of all communications channels for funding opportunities is available on the Office of Research site.

The University of Georgia Office of Research has coordinated with other campus units to develop guidance for faculty, staff and students to manage their ongoing research and scholarship activities. The Q&As are available on the Office of Research site.

The university has issued requirements for the phased resumption of onsite research, which began June 15 with Phase 1. The Research Resumption page houses the resources and FAQs needed for resuming onsite research activities.

Research faculty members/principal investigators must develop and receive approval of a Research Resumption Plan (RRP) before resuming onsite research activity. The template is available on the Office of Research site.

Campus Messages regarding Research

  • UGA Researchers Tackle COVID-19

    A group of nearly 40 interdisciplinary faculty met in a Zoom meeting to share the COVID-19 efforts of their various teams and explore ways to work together to accelerate progress in the fight against the virus.

Frequently Asked Questions about Research