Frequently Asked Questions about UGA Police Department

Yes. If you are being quarantined for potential exposure or if you are showing signs of illness, then we ask that you provide that information to our communications center when you contact the police department to request assistance. If possible, we will evaluate if we can provide the requested service remotely, i.e. taking a report over the phone. If not, our officers have the necessary protective equipment and training to safely respond in person to assist you.

Officers at the UGA Police Department have been adhering to social distancing and mask protocols recommended by the CDC. The department has taken significant steps to increase our sanitation standards during this outbreak and officers have been directed not to report to work if they are feeling ill. Our officers have been given guidance to self-quarantine if they have been exposed or if they are showing signs of illness.

No. As part of steps taken to prevent the spread of illness, officers have been instructed to wear protective equipment whenever they deem it is necessary to keep them and our public safe. Our officers have been instructed, when in doubt, to wear protective equipment for their safety. Protective equipment will now be part of a standard response protocol.

Yes.  The UGA Police Department will continue to respond to traffic accidents, educate our community on traffic safety, and when necessary, engage in enforcement actions directly related to the safety of our community.  Expect police officers to use precautions such as protective equipment and proper social distancing during traffic stops.  The officer may ask for your driver’s license information instead of taking your license from you in order to minimize cross contamination risks.

You may contact the UGA Police at (706) 542-5813 to obtain copies of police reports.  Reports may still be picked up in person, mailed or faxed. The UGA Police Department is taking the necessary precautions to maintain social distancing by placing barriers between records personnel and the public. These preventative measures are being put into place to protect our public and police department staff.