Campus Messages regarding Financial Assistance

Frequently Asked Questions about Financial Assistance

The CARES Act provided $11.8 million to be distributed to students in need due to the COVID-19 situation. At the University of Georgia, the funds were distributed as need-based grants, with the highest amount awarded to undergraduates who receive Federal Pell Grants.

Students must have a valid FAFSA on file and be eligible to receive federal student financial aid to be eligible for the HEER Fund grants. To submit a FAFSA, please go to

Additional information on how UGA awarded these funds can be found here.

The well-being of our students is a top priority for UGA. However, state dollars cannot be used for student scholarship support. That is why the University recently committed $600,000 in private funds from the UGA Foundation to immediately support students facing hardships due to COVID-19. Record numbers of students are requesting emergency financial assistance, so every gift from our generous alumni helps! You can learn more about these funds in our news story about the emergency assistance.

The COVID-19 crisis has severely impacted the lives of many UGA students as it has so many. Some students have lost critical income from student jobs or from jobs at area employers that are temporarily closed. In other cases, students’ families are no longer able to financially support their education. By giving to student emergency funds, our donors can have a powerful, direct and immediate effect on these students’ lives—providing them the means to buy food, pay rent, receive medicine and medical care, and secure the technology they need to continue their education. Emergency funding is prioritized for students who demonstrate significant financial need and have exhausted available resources such as student loans.

To donate, visit this site.

The University is offering Emergency Funds and Financial Hardship Resources to assist our students during this time. Undergraduate students in need of emergency financial assistance should submit applications to the Undergraduate Student Emergency Fund and graduate students to the Graduate Student Emergency Fund. Please visit UGA’s Financial Hardship Resources website at for additional information.