Frequently Asked Questions about Employment

Approval of all COVID-19 related accommodations and flexible work arrangements (including telework) expired June 30, 2021. Requests for ADA accommodations or flexible work arrangements will be reviewed in accordance with the pre-pandemic UGA ADA accommodations or Telework/Flextime policies. Please contact University Human Resources at 706-542-2222 or for questions or assistance.

According to the University System of Georgia, If you have tested positive for COVID-19, telework may be possible depending upon the nature of the work to be performed:

  • Faculty may temporarily transition the modality of their class, with the approval of the Provost’s Office. Change in modality is subject to an end date correlated to isolation guidelines. Department chairs will make arrangements for class coverage when faculty are unable to teach due to illness.
  • Staff members should consult with their supervisor to determine whether teleworking is an appropriate option under the “Occasional Teleworker” provision of UGA’s Telework Policy.