This message contains additional information related to the ArchNews message that was sent on August 18, 2021. As noted in that previous message, the University of Georgia (UGA) and all USG institutions will remain open on September 3, 2021. The following guidance is provided in accordance with the intent of the Governor’s COVID-19 Vaccination Day for state employees. 

To encourage unvaccinated USG faculty and staff to schedule COVID -19 vaccine appointments and to thank those who are already vaccinated, USG will provide all employees, including temporary faculty and staff, with up to eight (8) hours of paid time off. This time off is in lieu of and aligns with Governor Kemp’s COVID-19 Vaccination Day closing of state offices on September 3, 2021. To make this process as convenient as possible while maintaining service to our students and University communities, UGA faculty and staff may request approval to use this paid time off between September 1, 2021 and December 31, 2021. 

Vaccine Leave Guidelines: 

(1) Leave Amount and Type: 

  1. A maximum of eight (8) hours of paid time can be taken. 
  2. This paid time can be taken in less than full day increments (no less than one hour) for a total of 8 hours. 
  3. Leave will be prorated based on the individual’s FTE. For example, an individual who works 30 hours per week would receive 6 hours of paid time (75% of the full allotment) rather than 8 hours.  

(2) Process and Procedures 

  1. The employee must provide reasonable notice and the requested time should not disrupt the unit’s operation. 
  2. Upon approval, managers should input the paid time on behalf of their employees as a time reporting code in OneUSG Connect. Details on this process will be shared soon.  

(3) Leave Usage 

  1. This leave is not counted as hours worked for the purpose of overtime pay calculations.
  2. Leave that is not taken by December 31, 2021 will be forfeited and will not roll over to the next year or any other time for future use. 

Additional FAQ responses can be found here. Questions can be directed to University Human Resources at 706-542-2222 or