In response to the Governor’s Executive Order No., the University System of Georgia has provided guidance on procedures to record time and absences related to COVID-19 vaccinations. In an effort to encourage more USG employees to receive the vaccine, the USG will allow faculty and staff to use “Non-Closure Emergency Leave” as of March 31, 2021 for the purpose of COVID-19 vaccinations. Individuals will be compensated for this time without deducting from vacation or sick leave balances up to the amounts noted below. 

Receiving a COVID-19 vaccine

  • Faculty and staff may take up to eight (8) hours of Non-Closure Emergency Leave for the purpose of receiving a vaccine. If receiving a multiple-dose vaccine, this is a total of up to 8 hours across both doses.  

After receiving COVID-19 vaccine

  • Faculty and staff who experience vaccine side effects that prevent them from performing duties of employment may take up to sixteen (16) hours of Non-Closure Emergency Leave rather than using sick leave. If receiving a multiple-dose vaccine, this is a total of up to 16 hours across both doses.  

How to track this time

  • Faculty and staff should inform their supervisors of time taken for these purposes and provide proof of vaccination. 
  • Supervisors of individuals paid bi-weekly should use the code “00NHP – Non-Closure Emergency Hourly Paid” to track this on timesheets. This is the same tracking process that was used for non-closure leave over the past year. 
  • We will not require medical documentation for leave taken as a result of vaccine side effects if it is taken within the first several days after being vaccinated. 

Additional questions and retroactive sick/vacation leave updates

  • Individuals who have already used their own sick and/or vacation leave to receive a vaccine and/or for vaccine side effects since March 31st can retroactively cancel:
    • up to 8 hours of any leave taken since March 31st to receive a vaccine and 
    • up to 16 hours of any leave taken since March 31st for vaccine side effects. 
    • For biweekly-paid individuals, supervisors should retroactively add the “00NHP – Non-Closure Emergency Hourly Paid” code to the respective timesheets instead of sick/vacation leave. 
  • If supervisors have questions about the information above, please contact your unit’s HR Liaison. These individuals will be in close contact with UGA’s HR and Payroll offices.